Saturday, November 29, 2008

Is it over?

My Mumbai has been burnt down. The landmarks have been targetted. The fear has been built-in. People have been killed. Several have been left wounded. Some scared for lifetime. My only question is: why? What is mankind upto? Have we become our own enemies? When will this war end? When will we stop killing each other? Will I feel safe venturing out in Mumbai again? Will I be able to step into Taj again without any fear? Will I visit the marine drive and get photos clicked?

Everytime there is a war or attack, we first look for our own people. How selfish it sounds, but thats the truth. My heart is restless after reading, watching, thinking about what had happened. Though the operation has ended, but has it ended the misery forever? This time it was Mumbai, dont know who is the next in line?

O God!! Please dont let this mankind end like this


deeps said...

hope there is no one in the line and that God has differnt plan ...

Neilina said...

Hope something good is store for us in future!