Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fauji Connection

I come from a civil background with a family involving businessmen, teachers and engineers. Nobody close in my family had served in armed forces. Given my love for armed forces, I often end up getting in touch with some officer or the other and that also through weird means.. Sometimes it will be as silly as a wrong phone call .. I have got in touch with them through all strange ways once can think of- internet, friend's friend, cousin's friend, network site, phone call, on a journey, even through blog.

Not that I made any efforts to get in touch with anyone, it all happened by chance. Strange to say that I met all kinds of people in the forces. One of the most amusing part is that I never got in touch with a Naval officer, though my brother is in Indian Navy.. They all have been Army officers. Dont know what games destiny plays and why and how do I get in touch with them.

Remembering about the experiences that I have had till now, they have not been very pleasant ones. Is it because I expect them to be overtly gentleman. Most have them have been dishonest, liars, two-timers. They dont even have the courage to accept the truth. Some would even stoop to a level of trapping you emotionally so that they can have a fun time. Given that I am a tough nut to crack, I have had some unpleasant experiences. Sometimes it has even reached to the extent of breaking all the ties with that person, heated arguments, yelling...

What I dont understand is that why do I meet wrong officers everytime. I am quite sure that this is not the case where every officer is wrong. Why do they keep spoiling the image of forces that I have. Why does destiny brings me in front of a person whose behavior forces me to think that is this the way an officer is. Then why am I so passionate about them and the profession. At the end, you feel like hitting them hard for ruining the respect that Army has.

Agreed that they are away from their families most of the times. But does that give them a right to play with anyone's life and have fun at that cost. Who is responsible for their such uncanny behavior. No doubt that now we have more girls who dont want to get in touch with any army officer. They feel that they can never be faithful. They are selfish. They simply know how to play with someone's life and emotions.

Who has given them a right to lie and make fool of others, just because they are in army. Why am I forced to believe that I should not trust any Army officer. I have always respected and loved this profession. I still do. But why do I always bump into someone who is out to spoil this image. These experiences leave me high and dry..

There was a time when I wanted to be an officer myself. But since I am not into that profession, I had thought that atleast having people of that league around will make me feel good. Not that I made any desperate efforts to find them. I agree that I have more knowledge about Army than any normal civilian would have. This is plainly because of my love and passion to know about them. I have always put this profession on a very high step and have great regards for it. I want that it continues to be there.

But one thing is definitely there. What is the reason that I keep meeting officers through some means or the other. What is connection behind it. My friend is really amused with the number of officers that I know. Sometimes even I think that how does that happen. Destiny I guess!!


Rahul More said...


I dont have words to express, I dont know what should I say, I dont know, I really dont have any comments, but what you have said is very true in few cases though I must admit.

Let me begin by my apology on part of those officers who have hurt you and also on behalf of those who intentionally or unintentionally have hurt your sentiments. Well the problem lies somewhere and that is not the separation part but the point that most officers come from sainik school and NDA and they practically has not seen life at all.Some how they are exposed to hostel life where bad literature falls in their hands at wrong time and the young minds may be corrupted or channelised in the wrong directions. This I cannot vouch on it but is my general analysis of the problem.

I know it is very difficult to expect something from you but only one request that do not misunderstand the forces or the officers in general. Ofcourse there must be bad apples too cause we all come from the same society and the social problems will reflect in us too but we try to keep them to minimum though I cant promise hundred percent eradication of the problems. But still I request you since you are a HR lady that you must talk on such issues with them openly if you ever come across some officer and explain to them as to what their behaviour will project the army and their units as. I am sure you will find a sea of change in that officers behaviour towards you.
I am once again sorry for all the experiences you have to go through, and I hope you will be a part in the cleansing drive cause they are our own army and I know your passion and love for the profession will lead to some positive effort from you.

A very well written article by you for that I really congratulate you a very well selected one, though it comes straight from your heart, I know I can feel it, bravo a sorry but great eye opener.

God bless you. Keep up the good work.

Soulmate said...

I am not a HR lady but yes, the kind of experiences that I have had, have left a scar on my heart as well as on my mind. I am trying hard to believe that there are nice officers as well. Yet to come across such a person. Given the fact that I always wanted to marry an army officer(if there is a choice), I am forced to re-think about it... They may come from RIMC, sainik school or NDA but it does not gives them a right to play with anyone's emotions. They are human beings first. But most of them act as people from another planet since they are in army.

neilina said...

I also love this profession, but never get to know any defence guy. I don't have any idea about their image. Every profession is filled with these kinda guys.

B said...

Maybe there is somekind of unfinished 'karma' business that u have to settle with the Army ppl which is why u keep meeting them..

But felt sad reading abt ur bad experiences with them..I hope u have better luck in the future ...