Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Back from Doon

I am back from my short and sweet visit to Dehra Dun - The place about which I have written a number of times and don’t get tire to write more. I was not born here but I have grown up here. I did my education in this place - not just schooling but my graduation as well as masters. I have spent 13 years of my life in Dehra Dun. More than what I have spent at any other place on this planet. I guess the magic of Dehra Dun grows on you as you live there. Life is easy, peaceful, warm..

This particular trip was all the more close to heart. There were two reasons to make it.. One was a friend's wedding and another a chance to meet a very special teacher - Rita Ma'm.. I could have avoided the wedding considering how hectic it was but the temptation to meet my teacher was too good to resist.. She had never taught me in the school since she was a junior school teacher and I joined the school in senior school. I got in touch with her through another good friend . I consider myself blessed to know her. She had made lunch for me. She took me on a ride way upto the Mussoorie road. Sat there and chatted with her for sometime.. Though I know her for a short time, the amount of love and support she has given me, is tremendous. She is always there for me whenever I need someone to pour my heart out to, listen to me, advice me, guide me. Anybody who knows her is blessed.

Met some old school friends in the evening and that was another time to reminiscence about the old times. Journey from Doon to Delhi was another interesting one since a school friend traveled with me. We could not stop talking and remembering about our old times and the amount of fun that we had. In some way, we all miss the days spent in Dehra Dun.. Now we all are busy with our fast moving and busy professional lives. I really wish sometimes that I could re-live those days again. Doon valley, I shall be back soon...

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neilina said...

This post reminded me one of my favourite teacher. I also had been to Dhoon Valley. I liked it! Glad that your trip was wonderful!