Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Death - The inevitable truth

Life is uncertain. And every time I see a death in the family, the belief becomes stronger. We all know that we will leave this place forever but somewhere we dont realize this.

On Sunday, I lost my eldest Mausaji (Mother's Sister's husband). Someone who had been a father figure to me. Someone who stood by us, whenever there was a need.. Someone who supported by mother in all the troubled times. Someone who always supported me and understood me. He shared all his thoughts, experiences, feelings, happiness, griefs only with me. He had the ability to draw attention wherever he went. People looked upto him for his humility, politeness, humbleness and his selfless nature to help everyone around. Never did he refuse any request of mine, no matter how silly it was. Now that he is no more, I miss his long talks over the phone, his jokes, the games I played with him.. when he lost in the cards/ludo game and how I won money.. nobody could get money from him when he lost, except for me. I am still not able to fathom the fact that he is not there. I will not find him there whenever I go to his house. Yesterday when I was watching him lying lifeless, I could not believe. It was as if he is sleeping. I can shake him to wake up. Then the never ending talks over tea, pakoras would start... He lived a royal life with the love and respect of everyone around and went away peacefully and royally. He looked like a king with all the roses, rajnigandha flowers adorning his body. I am glad we met last weekend and had a great time.

My tears dont stop falling. I wish I could talk to you one more time. That ludo game is still waiting to be finished. The house will not be the same anymore, when I come there next. I will have to stop myself before peeping into your room. There will be no one to feed me so lovingly. There will be no one who will give in to my wishes. There will be no one to who would love me so selflessly and fight for me. The house bears an empty look. You were the life of the house and its gone. You are and shall always be in my memory. I miss you, Mausaji. May your soul rest in peace.


Neilina said...

Oh! Am so sorry! May his soul rest in peace.
Take care!

Cynic in Wonderland said...

sorry for your loss.