Wednesday, September 10, 2008


circumstances are wrong
the job that you are into is wrong
the boss calls you wrong
the team members call you wrong
the client calls you wrong
the colleagues call you wrong
smile, its wrong
cry, its wrong
call, its wrong
quiet, its wrong
go out, its wrong
visit friends, its wrong
spend time alone, its wrong
watch TV, its wrong
diet, its wrong
gain weight, its wrong
talk on the phone, its wrong
be aloof, its wrong
no attachments, its wrong
no desires, its wrong
no interests, its wrong
people around you call you wrong
you realize that your whole existence is WRONG
Why are you living after all!!!


Anonymous said...

Answer is very difficult...may be for nothing. I just happiness in your life. May God fulfill all your wishes as soon as he can. Or else he too is not worth praying for.

Pilot-Pooja said...

A great post!