Friday, September 12, 2008


One of those days when I am absolutely restless.. I am not sure why I am restless. My mind is not at peace. I am fidgeting with everything around me. I am missing something. I am missing the talk - the need to have someone next to me. Am I missing anyone in particular?? I dont know. But I know for sure that there is a vacuum which needs to be filled. I am not sure how and who needs to do that..

I try to find peace in the work but it doesnt help. I tried going out for a short walk, but that didnt help. My mind is constantly pre-occupied by something whereas I try to divert my focus. I am not able to sit at my seat for a long time. I am talking unnecessary and useless talks with people around me. Nothing makes sense to me. Something is definitely wrong and I am not able to decipher what it is.

I did sleep properly.. I eat properly.. Infact I eat more than the usual these days. What is it that is bothering me and making me uneasy. I have no clue but this state is definitely not good... Its made me more irritable and I want this phase to end ASAP...


You know Who said...

I think you know what you are missing..

As it is the name of you ur blogspot...!

Hope you find your soulmate soon .. and obviously You need to fill the vacuum ... :-)

Pilot-Pooja said...

Every human species feels that at some or the other point of time..

The answers are unique, others can just pray.

Hope you get answers and peace soon, Amen!