Sunday, September 28, 2008

Password protected

I guess this Saturday was horrifying for me in one way or the other. First it was the bomb blast and then my mail ids. In the evening when I tried to login to my yahoo account, I could not. It happened with just two of the ids whereas the other ones were perfectly working fine.. I was scared.. Has someone managed to hack to my account.. I got worried in just a few seconds. Frantically started searching here and there, the means to get my password back.. I tried the yahoo help but it did not work. In the meanwhile, I changed all the other passwords of my other accounts and made them as difficult as possible. I even wrote a mail to yahoo asking them for help since it was the main account which I was not able to login. No reply from them. :-( I started preparing myself that I may have to create another account and make it as secure as possible. I will have to get myself register at the different sites again, not to forget about the banks and hundreds of other places where I had given this account id. I will have to inform my friends again.. Before that I wanted to try for the last time, if I am able to use the old account… and Aloha!!! I could login.. Wow.. that was some magic.. Trust me.. I had tried umpteen times before that unsuccessfully.. Its the same old password that I used and it worked now.. The first thing that I did was to change the password of the yahoo account. But now am in another fix.. The passwords are difficult and confusing for me as well to remember.. :-) Have I fallen into my own trap? Much relief that I was able to get my old account back.. Never did I feel so helpless before because of internet technology. It has over-powered me as well, much to my disappointment.


BlueMist said...

having too many accounts is problematic. But I can totally relate and been there in the fix many times :D

Neilina said...

wow! Miracle!
A secret - I have written all my passwords in a notebook, am not able to remember all of them...ssshhhhh! Now I am afraid what if that notebook lands in someone's hand. God, take care of me! :D