Monday, September 22, 2008

Interview Again.

The other day, I witnessed a few interviews. Unlike last time where I simply saw people giving interviews, I sat there as an interviewer with another colleague of mine. The very first thing that I noticed was, how the whole attitude of the person changes when he interviews. He thinks himself superior to the other person - a particular trait I noticed in my colleagues.. While I was almost quiet through out the interviews, I watched the expressions, body language, tone of both the parties involved.

My colleague who generally sits straight with both the feet firmly placed on the ground, sat with one leg crossed over the other, trying to appear bossy and a strict person. The questions were fired. Some were meaningful while I thought about a few questions. I would not like to mention those questions here.. I am quite sure the interviewer him self did not know the answer to some of those questions and he expected the interviewee to answer.

The interviewee was quite good in his communication skills as well as he was very confident. I also thought that this person's career is in our hands as of now.. Is the person right for the job? Will he be able to adjust and deliver what will be expected of him. The story does not end here. Once he gets a clear chit from us, he goes for the second round with the Group Managers on our recommendation.

So the question is on us as well, whether we have chosen the right candidate or not.. Sitting on the other side of the fence made me realize that if its difficult to give an interview, its equally difficult or more challenging to take one.. There are cases where the person is actually on the border line and its difficult to decide whether he is apt for the job. Then comes more probing and more questions are asked. The questions range from technical to analytical to general knowledge, to get a feeling of the over-all attitude of the person. Even real life situations are given to know more about the interviewee.. At the end of the interview, while the interviewee was still energetic, I was definitely exhausted with so many questions thrown around... I must admit, it was a different and a good experience for me. I wonder from where do the questions appear to be asked at the spur of a moment!!!


Pilot-Pooja said...

Quite an interesting read!

I have also experienced both sides of the chair, its surely a tough decision i would say!

Anonymous said...

In general - 90% of interviewers forget that interviews are as serious business as meeting a potential client. Essentially you hire because you "need" a talent. It is business need and interviewer is fulfilling that need.

It is a huge oranizational responsibility - very few understand it and take it seriously.

I am glad you felt the seriousness of it. :)