Sunday, September 28, 2008

Delhi Again

So another bomb blast hit the city of Delhi yesterday. This time it was in Mehrauli area. This was exactly two weeks after 5 bomb blasts rocked the city on 13 Sep, 08. It was a narrow escape since we were supposed to be in that area but the change of mind at the last moment prevented me to be there.

Such is the impact of these blasts that we cancelled our evening program of going to a nearby fair in Gurgaon. Had I been alone, I would have still gone but the plan was with Mom, I cancelled it. Every other day/week, we hear about these blasts.. Read about them, watch them on TV, hear them over radio and then forget about it sub-consciously.

The blasts have become a part of our everyday life. So much so that it makes me sad sometimes. And it has affected me in a different way.. Everytime they go off, I wish and pray that there was nobody that I knew and was related to. Last blast was a close shave for one of my team member who was just a few meters away from the blast site. Have we become so used to them or have we become indifferent or selfish that we accept them, as and when they come.

The pictures and news shake us and move us for sometime and then we move ahead. We take life as it comes. We still go to the markets. May be that fear of being in the blast is there at the back of our minds but still we go. The spirit is still alive within us to be able to live and enjoy. May be someday we shall be to able to go out without any fear. May be.. I pray.. I wish..

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Neilina said...

Amen! Wish...that day will be near.