Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Women Bosses

The other day while I spoke to a friend about the bosses and the difficulties faced in taking leaves, a curt remark left me thinking again : Women bosses are not good. The higher they go up, more unreasonable and less understanding they are. Women are not made to handle higher positions..

I found it to be quite a sexist comment. Why do men feel that women dont make good bosses? I find it more of an ego issue rather than a performance issue. Do they find women tougher to handle or it hurts their self-esteem to accept any directions from women. In a workplace like ours where we equal opportunities are given to both men and women, its highly possible to have more women bosses than men bosses.

In my eight years of experience, I have had the chance of working with both men as well as women bosses, primarily being women bosses. Nowhere had I felt the gender bias coming in, while working with either of them. Both had their own reasons of being understanding or not co-operative at times.

I think sometimes, that in today’s times, do people still feel that women should not get the growth since it makes them less feminist. They feel women turn into hard-core machines with no emotions, feelings attached. They may try to portray themselves as tough nuts to crack simply because they dont want to give the impression of someone, who is vulnerable and can be taken for a ride.

Being a female and a project leader myself, I know how to be reasonable with my team here. Never did they feel that they cannot walk up to me and discuss any issue without any hesitation. Some of them have even gone to the extent of seeking advice on their personal matters, which I generally like to keep away from. The reason being: they found me approachable. If I had acted in a bossy way or the way it is perceived that women are tough bosses, I would not have been able to have the camaraderie with my team members.

It depends from a person to person how good/bad of a boss he/she is. Bringing in a gender quotient makes it unfair. I have personally faced problems with men bosses. I guess bosses should be just seen as bosses and not as male/female bosses when you judge them. When we give tough deadlines, that time its never taken into consideration, whether the person is a male or female, then why do we think in a different way when we work with a women boss.

Any thoughts!!!

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Pilot-Pooja said...

I was thinking of writing a similar post.

Cant really comment what is true, but one thing is for sure, Women keep on adding their masks, as they rise high in the ladder.

But yes, women are quite understanding when it comes to empathizing with others!