Thursday, August 14, 2008

Travel by train

What is it about train travels that excite me to no end. Trains have always fascinated me. No matter where I have to go, I love to travel by train. Sometimes I feel why do we have flights and not trains that connect the whole world.

Ask me to travel the world by a train and I am more than happy to do it.. How I dislike flights and God forbid, if I have to travel by road... But yeah the world is not connected by train all over.. Thats what I always thought it should be...

Trains - The lifeline of Indian transport.... The easiest and the most convenient way to travel. Once you are in, you sit, relax, sleep, or simply gaze out of the window and think about each passing station. Half of the stations that we pass, we will never get down at in our lives, but still it makes me think - what the city outside that station would be like, what is the culture, people, streets... I love the experience of trains passing through some small odd towns, villages where children wave at each passing by train.. Trains passing through fields, some dark tunnels, hilly sides, rivers, waterfalls, desserts... I love the whole experience of a train being pulled by a powerful engine as I bid goodbye to the station and it takes me out of that city... If I travel by flight, I will never get these experiences... All I would see is some clouds and sky..

Call me crazy or mad or insane.. But even in this tech savvy world, I prefer to travel by train, no matter how much time it takes... There are inconveniences associated with it.. May be the smell, the washrooms, but still its worth it.. I have met quite interesting people during train journeys and one of them has become a very good friend of mine and we are still in touch... I still hold the fascination to travel by Shimla-Kalka toy train and the Nilgiri toy train sometime in my life.. The plans for it are there and I am sure they will materialize considering the travel bug that I have in me... :-)

I get a chance to travel by train again today.. I had the option of going by air but I chose train over flight... Pretty excited about it.. Its the journey that excites me more right now rather than the reaching the final destination..

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Pilot-Pooja said...

I second you dear..
Even if trains are not properly cleaned, we love to travel by them..

The air inside looks so fresh!