Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The storm is here.

So all this while when I wondered whether everything is fine or is it the silence before the storm ... The thought has come true.

No prizes for guessing.. It was the silence which waited to be broken into a hurricane or a tornado, if I can use that word here... Just when I thought that things are fine, client is happy, there are no issues, the dream is broken.. Yes, yes.. it was a dream which is broken now and the reality has struck..

With some major decisions being taken in the organization, its quite scary. The kind of reviews that have happened over the past few days, the feedback given, the action steps planned out.. it does not sounds good.. another way of cost cutting. Appraisal time is not very far away. The reviews have happened in a way which has de-moralized everyone around. It has left the feeling that we dont do/know what we are supposed to. What are we here for? Have we ever analyzed the data? The basis of this, was completely on the data which is still not authenticated..

I am restless, sleepless and know not, what to do.. Everyone seems to be trying to save their part through some way or the other but there seems to be no escape. It has caused the much dreaded upheaval and currently has affected everyone including me. While I try to pen down my thoughts here, my mind is running in different directions to figure a way out this situation..

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Pilot-Pooja said...

What is the current situation..is it better now?