Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Holiday or busy-ness….

What happens when a supposedly called holiday turns out to be a roller coaster ride. Even 10 days spent for the purpose of a holiday do not seem to be enough.. All you have is a long list of To-do things… While you do enjoy all this, you miss that holiday mood.. Fine, office is not there but still you miss the whole holiday mood of relaxed and no rush of getting ready…

Meeting relatives, friends, endless shopping, must visit places which include a visit to the doctor as well… The best part in the whole trip turns out to be meeting some good old friends and a friend who is special in his own way and who takes out time specially for you.. so keep the other things aside… the Mumbai trip made special in its own way.. a visit to Pune to meet old friends and a good friend whom you had never met friend… Thanks for all the hospitality, care, taking me around and spending time especially when you were not well…. I am touched….

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