Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lull before the storm?

Offlate, things seem to go pretty well.. There is no issue anywhere. Work is fine.. Clients are fine. Boss is fine.. Team members are fine.. No major issues in personal life.. Friends are fine.. Family is fine.. When everything is fine to such a fine extent, it makes me uncomfortable.. Is everything actually fine or is it some lull before a storm??

The kind of life that I am used to living, does not have allow me to be so comfortable.. I am used to be on my toes all the time.. Its hard for me to digest that there are no issues coming from anywhere.. Everyone seems to be happy, satisfied and contented. Is it that everyone has given up on me or there actually is no problem??? Why am I being pessimistic.. I dont know... May be the amount of effort I am putting in, allows this comfort factor to come in..

I know things are fine.. Still I am restless.. somewhere in my heart I have this feeling that there is storm waiting for me and it will be a big one.. I want to be prepared for it, incase there is any... But I also know the fact that such upheavals are not known before.. You can only hope for the best but be prepared for the worst, as the saying goes.. But here the situation is that I dont know what to be prepared for... I cant foresee what can go wrong and where?? Who all will be affected and in what way?? What is it that I can do to make sure that such a phase passes calmly...

May be I am thinking too much.. May be I need to take a break...

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