Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Musical Discrimination

A few days back one of my friend told us, how she got angry at her folks for addressing her guitar teacher as 'Master'(teacher in hindi). She told them that he doesnt come to teach some tabla that they should address him as 'Master'. Its guitar, so he should be addressed accordingly... What caught my attention was the way, tabla was addressed...

Is learning tabla below dignity or is learning guitar something very sophisticated and of high standards?? If learning tabla is so below standards, then why do we have maestros like Ustaad Zaakhir Hussain or Ustad Allah Rakha Khan... I dont have anything against guitar.. I personally like that music instrument... I have noticed this quite frequently these days. A person who is trying to learn any Indian Classical instrument is considered backwards, if I can use the term... On the other hand, if we find a person who is learning an instrument like guitar or a banjo or drums is considered, modern or cool... Why is it so?

My main point is why discrimination with Indian Classical instruments. Why can’t we accept these instruments with same dignity or pride as any other instrument of the world? Every instrument has its own importance in the music that is created or played. So why do we hold such discrimination against instruments who produce nothing, but soothing music. Or in order to become 'Yo' kinds, we ought to do these things!!!

The story does not end here. Even in my society, during summer holidays, I find families sending their kids to learn music or dance which is of any form, but Indian. Nobody wants them to learn Indian Classical music or dance in any form. Reason being: They want their child to be considered cool or modern... If we as adults don’t understand or give the importance to our own heritage or culture, what else can we expect from our future generations...

I guess something(s) is beyond my comprehension.


Pilot-Pooja said...

Soulmate dear, your post comes as a surprise for me..For i have always encountered people treating Indian classical instruments with a lot of respect..

Guess if you witnessed such a thing, then such people need to be taught the value of Indian legacy..

Good you brought to notice such noteworthy happenings!!

Soulmate said...

Like I said: somethings are beyond my comprehension. I get distressed when we face the discrimintation.