Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Vacation Time

The vacation time is here. Yes.. the place has been decided.. All my bags are packed.. I am ready to go. I am all excited.. geared up for the upcoming vacation of two weeks. My tickets are done.. itinerary is done. I am wrapping up the work at office to make sure, nothing needs me, behind my back.. All the gifts are bought. All the required shopping is done. Camera is packed to capture those memories.

I am all in a mood to travel the long distance. I shall be away from this heat and scorching sun of Gurgaon for two weeks. I can enjoy some nice warm weather. I shall walk on the streets, sleep till late, wake up at my own leisure... roam around, eat, shop.. relax.. visit friends, some close relatives.. away from the busy schedule of daily life..

It has been a real roller coaster ride to decide about the vacation, plan for it, and then finally pack... I have wanted a break since a long time... The daily routine has been killing and had become monotonous to the extent that I no longer wanted to work. I am sure this vacation will rejuvenate me, make me think of what I want to do further. It will also help me to connect with the life again. May be I am able to live my life all over again and love as well..

Oh yeah.. Before I bid adieus, I am going to UK similar to last year, but shall be visiting different places.. So I am off for two weeks on the coming Friday to experience the English culture..

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Pilot-Pooja said...

Oh great soulmate dear..UK wld be real fun..

I just visited UK before joining my office in Ggn...

Happy Holidays!!