Friday, May 09, 2008

Past, Present or Future

What affects us the most: Past, present or future? What I have heard is that past is bygone, you cannot change it. So don’t think about it. Nobody knows about future, so dont think about it. Present is the only situation which is in your hands. So make the most of it.

Fine. But how does past become past. It becomes past only after present has gone. Whatever we do today becomes past. I know I cannot change it. But I cant forget about it. Thats what drives to me to do or not to do in my present or future. Also my present is a result of what I did or what happened in the past. So how can I simply disconnect myself from the past? People who say that dont think about the past, please tell me how is it possible. If past is what makes the present and may drive future to an extent, then how can we simply ignore it. Am I not running away from accepting the truth of the past, which has made my present such?

Similarly, when I talk about present, I think about future as well. My future will be dependent on what happens in my present. If I do something wrong in my present, my future is bound to be affected by it and I am the one who will be solely responsible for it. Nobody else. My present actions will decide about what kind of future I will have. So how can I simply ignore my future and live only in present. I cannot do a task in present, without thinking about its repercussions, which will happen later. I have not seen the future but I know that it will be closely based on what happened in the past and how present is going.

I know I should not be thinking about the past to brood, but past is what makes me experienced. Past is from where I learn, imply to the present, to make the future better. All three are so closely related and connected to each other, that I find it difficult to disconnect from any of them, at any time. I guess it becomes confusing at times, whether to worry about the present which has emerged from the past, or about future which will be resultant of our present.

I dont know.

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varsha said...

Think of past, work in present, to achieve the future.