Saturday, April 05, 2008

The trip is over

I am back from my wonderful, short trip to Cochin. It was the much needed break for me. Had a gala time there. Cochin is still very green as it used to be, when I had visited the place during my Kerala trip 4-1/2 years back. The view that you see from the flight is of a green village surrounded by waters. Houses can be seen but at quite a distance from each other. The whole city makes you fall in love with it.

Being a major city of Kerala, still it has maintained the peace, liveliness, needs of a village as well as of a cosmopolitan city.... The ceremonial function was a grand function. I got a chance to meet the Chief of Navy Staff - Admiral Sureesh Mehta whom I had only seen in pictures and on television. My brother received the award from him. It was an indescribable feeling. Every passing moment, made us feel proud. Even though we were seated for the ceremony at 7:00 am, still we were wide awake. The parade lined up. The band came. The Commander-in-Chief came. The CNS came. All the officers looked very smart in their crisp, white uniform. It was a lovely, pleasant morning after a good amount of rain in the previous evening.

All the wait for the Official dignitaries was worth every second of it. Receiving a gallantry award is like a lifetime achievement. Not everyone gets this honour in his tenure of service. I feel so proud that my brother got this award for the act of valour, which when I heard, had chill running down my spine. There were only six gallantary awards that were given among the other awards. Not only the officers and soldiers who were being felicitated that day, even their families had a proud look on their face. Fighting against all odds and in difficult situations made these officers stand apart. They all had actually risked their own lives to save others. My brother was the youngest among all the officers who received the award that day. He was also a step ahead, since he was being award for an act which happened in Maldives - A foreign country. The kind of appreciation, felicitation that he got from the Maldivian Government and the Indian High Commission is something to reckon for. The only experienced Indian Officer on the ship with a handful of sailors, managed to fight the battle with the fully armed LTTE militants in the middle of the sea.

Even though he did not tell me the full details( he is not supposed to), I could still picture the whole scene. How proud my brother looked after the medal was put on his chest by the CNS. It will adorn his uniform forever. I salute him and all the brave Indian soldiers who fight for our country and make us safe everyday, every moment, without wanting anything from us in return. How I wish I was a part of this esteemed organization. I guess now the only way left is, marry an officer. Hope to find one.


Rahul More said...

Remember me!!
Nice to know that your brother has recieved a gallantry award for bravery.
Convey my congrats and also best wishes for a very bright future in Navy.
Nice to know a lady so much in Armed forces spirit, please keep it up this nation needs a lot like you.

Proud of you and the gallant officer.

Hats off to you and your family.

Soulmate said...


Yes Sir, I do remember you.. Thanks for your kind words and for the post on your blog. Anything for our esteemed Armed Forces. I think every citizen of our country needs to recognize the value of each and every soldier protecting us and guarding us on the border. Its very easy to sit in an A/c office and take fat salaries home. But it takes a lot of courage, determination to have a face to face interaction with life-death almost every day like our Armed Forces does..
I wish I was a part of this organization.

Rahul More said...

First things first, pl do not thank me for anything. Infact I must thank you and your family for their contribution to the nation by having a brave soldier and such a good Def forces Ambassador.

Yea and thanks that you are not in the Def otherwise we would have lost a good Ambassador of Def Forces. Keep up the good work.

Tanya Brar said...

Hi Buddy
reading ur blog after a long time.The whole defence community is proud of such gallant officers.Congrats to ur brother.
May ur wishes come true to marry an Army officer ;)