Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Finally I managed to see Shaurya a couple of days back.. As it is, the movie was related to Armed forces, so I was eager to watch it ever since I came to know about it. They say that the movie is closely based on a Hollywood drama: A Few Good Men, which I have seen a number of times.

The movie is about the court martial of a young Captain Javed Khan, played by Deepak Dobriyal, who is accused of having terrorist connections and killing his fellow officer, Major Virendra Rathod. The movie is also about a lawyer in army, Major Siddhant played by Rahul Bose who never takes life seriously, until this case lands in his court as a defense lawyer. For everyone it seemed to be an open and shut case, where the accused simply needs to plead guilty. Instead Rahul Bose pleads 'Not Guilty' on the first hearing, much to everyone’s surprise.

His only support throughout the case is Minisha Lamba, who plays a journalist in the movie and is primarily responsible for bringing a change in Rahul Bose. How Rahul Bose takes the case forward, and tries to understand the motive, accused and the situation. What seemed to be an open and shut case, the reality was absolutely different from it. It brought into light the powers that can be (mis)used by a senior officer Brig. Rudra Pratap Singh, played by Kay Kay Menon. It also brought into forefront the fake encounters that happen in the name of counter insurgencies.

It brought into light some very sensitive areas of being an officer, a human being, a person's hatred against a religion, wrong use of powers or rank that you hold... There was a scene, when Javed Khan says that he is being punished for what he is. He is a Muslim so he is paying for being that. Another scene which touches you is, Rahul Bose says while remembering his father, who died a martyr's death on the border - The nation got a hero, but I lost my Father.

It brings into light the problems our Indian Army goes through, the difficult situations which the officers have to deal with, how to judge whether it is right or wrong to kill a person, to understand the motive behind why the person is like this. The movie again made me closer to our Armed Forces. How many of us, do ever think about what they go through, staying away from families for months; breathing and fighting in the most difficult situations, where even the basic necessities of life are not available.

Whatever be it, go and watch the movie for power packed performances by Rahul Bose and Kay Kay Menon. I am actually thinking of having the movie in my collection. Go, watch, enjoy and think about it..

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pilot-pooja said...

Though i m not so fond of high drama hindi movies, but if it has something in common with "A few good men".. i may give a second thought ..[:)] ..