Friday, April 11, 2008

Easy to talk!

A few days back a friend of mine in office walked up to me and said if I have a few minutes, she would like to speak to me... I was ready to speak to her despite the work load. She needed to make a confession to me, which I found very SWEET... I had not expected that she will ever come to me, to make a confession which was so very personal. We were never so close friends. I was surprised as well as delighted that she thought of me in such a nice way, that she opened up her heart...

In the end, she also said that she finds me the kind of person, one can easily talk to.. so this was one example of one of my friend cum colleague making a confession to me. There is another colleague of mine, who actually does the same. Like me, she has not been able to make any friends here.. We two are not great friends or bosom pals but still whenever she has some concern or she wants to share something, she will walk upto me.. Last week when I was on leave for 3 days, she actually asked me later about my absence.. She said that she wanted to discuss something important regarding her movement to another team..

The whole point was again the same. She finds it comfortable to talk to me about anything that bothers her. May be I just lend a hearing ear which generally everyone looks for, when they are bothered. I mentioned about a similar situation where people walk up to me to talk about their problems, grievances, issues and I would look like a agony aunt . But here, its not being a agony aunt. Here you simply need a person, who can LISTEN. Not only the friends, but a few colleagues of mine have so many times, talked with me about something, which they would DARE not discuss with anyone. I remember my days in Pune when a few colleagues who later on became really good friends, used to share with me about their girlfriends, crushes, new found love, girls being crazy about them, they being crazy about someone. We all worked together in the same team and I was supposed to be their mentor. May be my easy-to-gel-with nature prompted them to share their feelings with me. Thats how we all became good friends and we still are.

I get the same feedback from my team as well. Even though some team members have moved into another teams, still they come up to me whenever they have problems. They find it very easy, comfortable to talk to me. They feel that they are being heard and it puts them at ease. They feel relaxed and go back to work with a happy feeling. I do feel good about the fact that many people find me approachable for anything that they want to share. Sometimes they just need a person to give a vent to their feelings, without the other person being biased or giving any opinions. They simply want someone to hear them out. I do wonder what is it that makes the other person feel, Yes, she is the one whom I can share anything confidently and without the fear of being disclosed or discussed with anyone else. I am not a very social person. I still have not managed to make any great friends. I simply know them so you can say; they are my only so-called friends.

The whole idea - what makes one person feel about the other that he can share anything with the other one. Is it the attitude or the friendliness or the way you exhibit yourself or your outgoing nature or simply a smile? Whatever it is, I feel its something good if I can be of any help to someone and it makes the other person feel good too...

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pilot-pooja said...

Great to hear this dear!!

Now that we have recently discovered that we are working in the city, i m sure you wont charge me any cent for being my patient listener..))

Really happy to hear this aspect of urs!
Ur frds r really lucky!