Friday, March 07, 2008

Home Alone

Yippeee... So I am alone at home for the next few days. There is a wedding in Dehra Dun which needs to be attended. Mom agreed to go alone since I could not manage any leaves. Its not that I have never been alone at home ever, but everytime I am left alone, the reaction is the same... The longest span has been of two months recently when Mom was away to Vishakhapatnam to spend time with my brother.

Ofcourse, I do miss her when she is not around.. but still the whole idea puts me on a high... I can watch TV without being interrupted. I can eat all the junk food.. I can live on Maggi.. I can listen to music at a high volume.. I will not have to eat those almonds everyday in the morning.. :-) Above all, I get time to spend with myself. I need that space of my own which comes only when I am alone at home. No, I will not party or call friends over or roam around the city.. nothing of that sort. I simply like that solitude where I am all by myself and the whole world seems to be mine. I like that silence...

But there are instances when I miss her a lot : while eating food, watching TV(since there is none to interrupt me), while sleeping, listening to music loudly.. So practically, every moment I will miss Mom but still I like to be alone. What a paradox!!! I look forward to her coming back, when I will tell her whole lot of stories of what happened, while she was away... I will ask her about everyone in Dehra Dun..

Right now, I am thinking how will I spend my weekend. There is no movie that I want to catch up with. Nothing much of pending work (atleast that I can think of).. No friends here whom I can spend time with. No shopping. No almirahs to arrange. The only thing that I can think of, is sleep. I can sleep, sleep and sleep over the weekend. Infact I am sure, I will end up over-sleeping this weekend and I absolutely love that idea. Probably I will read more than I usually do.. I may listen to some music this weekend. and above all - I will cook for myself this time...

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pilot-pooja said...

Beautifully illustrated paradox..Guess i m a fan of ur writing skills..

Hey Soulmate dear, just a request..please dont consume maggi at all..Not good for body!