Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Travel Bug

The travel bug is bugging me again. Its that time of the year when I plan and think which part of the world I will travel to. I have quite a few options for this year and I am still thinking. The options available are: Leh or North-East India which will include Darjeeling, Shillong, Gangtok, Guwahati and may be Imphal or UK again - including Scotland or Rajasthan - Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Udaipur. But above all, the main question is where I want to go and how much I can afford to spend. Looking at my current bank balance, it seems to be far from reality to plan to any of these places.

Currently I am looking to travel, somewhere in May. That means I will have salary of three months with me, considering the other expenses as well. That also means I should, atleast decide about the place now, to ensure I have bookings, tickets, itinerary done on time for the travel. Now looking at my current state, I am in a total fix to decide about the place and plan for the travel. I am completely swamped by work and it leaves me no time to think about anything else. Working for more than 12 hours is taking a toll on me now. The moment I reach home, all I want to do is, eat and sleep, only to get up next morning, get ready and rush to work.

This travel will give me the much needed break from work, life, my current state of mind, which is not very good. I want to be away from people whom I know, for sometime. I want to be on my own, with myself and this is possible only with a travel to a new place. I hope that I am able to make my trip.


The Sober Poet said...

Leh! Leh! Leh!

Soulmate said...

Sidd - Leh is the first one on my list. Lets see if I am able to make it.

Jas said...

You can goto Leh if its may; els I wud have suggested Udaipur. But dont think of money; it shall cost u just 700 rupee a day in that season, make sure you ask for guest houses and not hotels! and go with a backpack, some med and keep Polo with you. A kitchhiker's guide u see :D