Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Shopper's Weekend

Its been a while since I actually went out to enjoy on a weekend and buy something for myself per se.. Last weekend I decided to move out of the house. Staying in Gurgaon does not really help since this place offers nothing except for those malls, where I dont like to go.

I went to Delhi after a long time. One of my favourite place in Delhi to enjoy and relax is Dilli Haat. The place livens me up. The colors, crafts, liveliness, atmosphere, people, food, shopping will make you at ease. The place has everything to offer that you want. Handicrafts, clothes, bags, shoes, hats, scarfs, accessories, jewellery, house hold items, furniture, decoration pieces and above all food stalls from all over the country. Bought a bag, two kurtas, some linen for home, churan and then I had delicious food at the Chandni Chowk Stall. Parathas, chaat, pakodi and then delicious kulfi.. My mouth is still watering.. Typical Delhi food.. Trip to dilli Haat is never complete without having a glass of fruit beer. This is not a real beer but apple flavoured drink. Since the color of the drink is of beer, hence the name.

Spent the whole day there. Next I went to Saket, again a place I like to visit. Bought another bag from there. Seems like I was on a spree to buy bags that day. Had some corn, ice-cream. Bought pastry, bread, a few knick-knacks for the house.. I was quite happy by the end of the day. After a long time, I had a weekend where I could indulge in spending on myself without having stares from my Mother, though she was with me. By the time I reached home, I was dead tired. Had a burger and went to sleep peacefully..


pilot-pooja said...

Oh great to know how lovely you enjoyed your weekend..

i too luv Delhi Haat!
Its been months i visited the malls in Gurgaon..will surely try to cover them in my 3 weeks visit to India starting next week ..)

Soulmate said...

Dont think that there is anything worth seeing in the Gurgaon Malls. but yes, Dilli Haat is.. you must go there, if you can.