Friday, February 15, 2008

Moment of Pride

A few days back India celebrated her 68th Republic Day. Along with the other celebrations, this is also the day when the defence officers get their due and they are rewarded with the Gallantry Awards which adorn their chest and everyone is proud to show them off. Its a moment of pride for everyone - the officer as well as his family.

This year I was in Dehra Dun on that day to attend my cousin's reception. While I was basking in the sun and waiting to go, my phone beeped. The sms that I read, simply made me jump from my seat. It was from my brother, who is serving in Indian Navy as a Lieutenant Commander. He was awarded Nau Sena Medal Gallantry. I read the message twice just to make sure that I am reading it correctly. Even though I was all dressed up in saree, I simply couldnt stop myself from running inside and announcing this good news.

My Mama(whose daughter's reception was being held), left everything and said that he wants to speak to my brother first. Everyone in the house queued up to congratulate him. It was a moment of pride for me. Even now when I talk to someone, who knows him well, I cant stop telling about the good news. One of my friends reaction was: I am so proud that I know him. The kind of reaction that I received from everyone was over-whelming for me. I am still waiting for the actual ceremony to be held. Am sure that day I wont be able to hold back my tears of joy.... :-))

We all are proud of you....


pilot-pooja said...

Many Many Congratulations dear!!

This is indeed a great news!

My best regards to your brother for this wonderful achievemnt of his !

Jai Hind!!

Soulmate said...

Thanks... Makes me proud everytime, I think about it.

The Spexy Guy said...

Dear Poonam,

Felt very happy knowing about the brother's achievement... GOD willing, many more to come.

Please convey my best wishes and heartiest congratulations to your brother.

Jai Hind.