Thursday, February 21, 2008

Laziness-Winters-Work Pressure

I have been very-very lazy since the past few days. Thankfully, this laziness is limited till home only. It would have been a problem, had this laziness continued to the office as well.

The amount of work that I have in office, cant allow me to be lazy.. I have to be energetic all the time. Meetings, discussions, assessments, project reviews, escalations, quality check, audits, ISO certification... phew!!! All this requires me to put in extra hours, atleast for the time being. I have to spend atleast 12 hours to be able to look into everything. And even more hours to be able to complete the work.. So the choice is either to stay back or come early. Staying back after 9 pm in winters is simply not possible. So the only choice left is to come early.

Ok... Lazy that I have become, I simply cannot get out of the bed early in the morning. I put on the alarm. Every morning, when the alarm rings, I wonder whether I ever slept. I switch off the alarm and go back to sleep thinking that I will wake up in another 5 mins.. After 15 mins, I will wake up and say to myself: Just 5 mins more... Another 10 mins gone.. Again I will tell myself that I will wake up in 2 mins... This keeps on going till 8 am till the time my maid rings the bell.. I have to get up then, but its too late to get ready, catch the bus and reach office early.

I have never been like this. If I had to get up, I used to... Nobody ever had to tell me or wake me up.. But these days, laziness has crept over me and is making me drowsy, sleepy all the time.. Whenever I am at home, I simply dont do anything.. I would only want to sleep, sleep and more sleep. I guess its all because of the cold weather which is preventing me to be energetic and makes me want to be in the bed all the time. I dont want to be out of my warm bed. I want to be tucked under the warm duvet and sleep, eat and go back to sleep...

This laziness has to come to an end. I want to wake up early, go for morning walk, get ready and reach office early and finish the pending work. I am waiting for the winters to get over.

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