Thursday, February 07, 2008

Education and Attitude

Does a kind of degree have any impact on the attitude or the responsibility shown toward your work? Today while having a general conversation with a colleague of mine during lunch, it struck me. There was a general discussion around the performance of some people who are not ready to take the responsibility of the work, the attitude is very very casual and there are constant issues in their work. Like always she said that it depends on the qualification of the person.

If a person is not a B.E or a B.Tech by qualification, then the person will never have the attitude or responsibility towards work. She even went to the length of saying that they do a simple graduation in Arts, Science, Computers, Commerce and land up in software industry which are meant for 'Technically Qualified' people.

I could easily sense the complex that she has, since she has done Engineering. This was not first time, she had said. I responded to her by saying that qualification has got nothing to do with the attitude towards work. I am not a 'Technically Qualified' person as per the degree that I have, but that does not mean, I will not have the responsibility towards my work. I reminded her that I have done M.Com. To which she said that I have experience with me... Hello!!! When I started working seven years back, I had no experience and the qualification was the same. Still I have never had issues with the work.

I am a firm believer in the fact that the degree of education has got nothing to do with the responsibility or attitude towards work. A helper working in a car garage may not be well educated or may not hold two-three degrees but he knows his work and does it with full dedication. I believe that it all depends from person to person. But off late I see quite a few people who simply cant stop boasting or having the complex if they have to share the same job with people who have a different degree of education. It does makes me sad.


Cynic in Wonderland said...

i would agree with you, attitude and responsibility come from the personality rather than education. i have met enuf medicos and engineers and others who are as lazy and irresponsible as you can get and undergrads who are responsible. The difference i DO find however, is people who have to earn a living versus people who dont ( pocket money etc)

pilot-pooja said...

I disagree here Soulmate..
Education does make a change to our thought process..infact lot of changes in our lifestyle..

We start realising that shortcomings or barriers in our thought process are blocking our growth n we do take steps to overcome that!

Soulmate said...

My point is doing a BA or a B.E does not make a person responsible or irresponsible. I am talking about the degree here and not just education per se....