Thursday, January 24, 2008

Things I Love

A few things I love:

1. Going for a morning walk alone without any mobile or watch.
2. Sitting alone in the park and watching people pass by.
3. Watching the kids play.
4. A kid sleeping in my lap.
5. Reading the confession diary that I made in school.
6. Meeting my school friends.
7. Going to Dehra Dun.
8. Travel by train.
9. The sight of snow capped mountains.
10. Wearing a yellow outfit on every Thursday.
11. Watching a helicopter or plane in the sky.
12. Singing aloud my favourite song while taking bath.
13. Buying a bunch of roses for myself.
14. A nice hair-cut done.
15. Wear a saree.
16. Playing with my pet(I dont have any now).
17. Looking at my old photographs and think how bad I look in them.
18. Stuffed Parathas.
19. Watching the rain from my window.
20. Eating ice-cream in winters especially orange bar.


pilot-pooja said...

Ahha nice to read..
Especially liked :
1. Wearing Saree
2. Eating Stuffed Paranthas..

The Sober Poet said...

What abt ...
Troubling ur friends???? [:D]

Soulmate said...

Sidd: Unfortunately, I dont. My friends also say the same. :-)