Friday, January 11, 2008


After being in hibernation for almost two months, I am back to the normal world. The times were tough and taxing on my whole existence but still I managed to pull through. After getting a close to end of life experience, I have evolved as a stronger person. The shell into which I had contracted, has been broken. I have learnt that there is no one worth enough to have my peace of mind screwed for. If something is meant for me, it will come to me. I dont have to run after it.

While being away from everyone, I realised that life is not that bad, being on your own. I can survive without anyone and everyone. I may be heading towards becoming a stone, but I find it better than being emotional. I did not speak to anyone during this time. I was not in a state to meet anyone. It was a very-very emotional and tough situation for me. My whole existence in this world was at stake. Everything around me was affected. When I had written my last post, I had thought that it will be the end of it. After that there will not be anything coming out from me. It was like a last wish for me.

Things have changed. I have managed to survive. I have managed to stand. I have managed to come up. My whole outlook has changed. I have got a whole new experience. I am ready to move on from here. I hope that I am able to.


Ady said...

You seem to have gone through a tough time ....but I'm happy to see the positive vibes in this last post.
I've had a near-death experience too...I survived...and I'm not only a stronger person after that, but also a person who now realizes that the things that matter now are not what used to bother me, frustrate me earlier...but the small things in life -- watching my son starting to walk, sitting with my family at the dinner table, being able to walk (even if I cant run now), watching my son grow up....Life has too much to offer us....but we should know what we are looking for!!

Morpheus said...

welcome back, you have been missed :)
Hope you are better now...
I agree with you, 'life is not that bad..'

raj said...

Kudos.. bad phases are inevitable and nonetheless important, coz it brings out the new stronger YOU! life is a journey, with no U turns, so sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!:)

Sachin said...

hey, thanks for the comment on my blog. am wondering what lead you to it, though am glad you dropped by. have been to your blog as well.

You write very well. Your last few posts seem melancholy, and am hoping you've gotten over that phase. Life is too short and has enough beauty to grieve over any one thing for too long. Take care and have a great 2008!