Monday, November 12, 2007


I know you will never come back then,
Why do I want you?
Why do I look for you?
Why do I pray for you?
Why do I wish good for you?
Why do I want to talk to you?
Why do I want to hold you?
Why do I read your messages?
Why do I wait for your call?
Why do I see your picture?
Why do I want to meet you?
Why do I hope that I may
bump into you someday?
Why do I dream about you?
Why do I miss you?
Why do I remember you?
Why do I cry for you?
Why do I love you, still?

Why.. Why.. Why!!!


pilot-pooja said...

Because the moments i spent with you will stay in my heart forever..

The good times i had with you were so special to me...

Times may have changed today, but my heart still feels the best for you..

We may take a different path today, but i have a hope that one day God will love me for showering unconditional love on you..

With a wish that i will never feel bad for you, i realise that i may have lost you today, but the lessons learnt are still intact..

What i owe you, i will pay back by doing good to the less privilged souls!

Morpheus said... just is. No reason, no logic, its excruciating pain and exquisite pleasure. But you can expect practicality from love, because love, just, is.