Friday, November 02, 2007

Broken, Shattered, Lifeless...

I have lost the final battle. Its all over. It will never be the same again. I have to accept this but I cannot. I dont want to believe that it is over. This seems to be a nightmare to me. I cannot sleep. I cannot eat. I cannot breathe. I cannot live. I have turned out to be a complete failure. Even the tiniest of hope that I had, has gone forever. There is nothing that can be done, to undo this. No amount of blessings, prayers, wishes can bring him back to me. The love of my life is lost and nothing can pull him back. I have lost my life completely. What can be more painful than to see your love being lost to someone else, on your birthday. Can destiny, God be more unkind than this!!!


pilot-pooja said...

Dear Soulmate,

He never deserved it..
Life is always a bed of roses..
Cheer up!
You are born for something bigger..

Praying or spending time thinking of him wont be of any worth..
Get up and go..Find some new goals..
After lot of hard work, we get this human life...
You cant do this much of injustice to your parents who have given their life nurturing you..

You have to prove to yourself that you are very special n you love yourself..
Then only any one else can think the same..
I have alwys liked and loved you and your thoughts..and will always do..
Just believe in yourself a little more..
God Bless You!!

The Sober Poet said...

Take it easy and keep your faith..itz very important in this phase...always remember his is just a phase and as they say ..This too shall pass..therez light at the end of the tunnel...
Have put up a new poem..check it out...

Take Care and God Bless!

Morpheus said...

You deserve better! Some one who does not value you is not worth having anyways. he is the looser here. remember you are good and should not settle for anything but want what you want or nothing at all. Dont hold yourself in low esteem.