Tuesday, October 02, 2007

What irritates me

A few things that irritate me to no end:

~Leaving food in the plate
~Doing a shoddy job
~Somebody calling me from behind knowing well that I am on phone
~Talking loudly over the phone
~Telling someone same thing again and again
~Someone standing on my head while I am writing emails
~Getting messages from service providers regarding caller tunes, downloads, astrology etc etc.
~People calling knowing well that I dont want to talk to them
~Folding the books while reading
~Making dog-ears instead of using book-marks
~Phones ringing loudly where they are supposed to be on silent mode e.g. meetings, cinema hall, hospital
~Tearing blank pages from a notebook
~Keeping clothes/shoes scattered all over the place
~People lying knowing well, that the other person knows the truth
~Cooking up the accent after returning from abroad
~Showing off your status specially if you stay abroad
~Not folding the newspaper properly after you have read it
~Writing in the books with a pen
~Comparisons between siblings
~Giving unwanted advices


The Sober Poet said...

Loong List...wish I can do atleast a couple of them to irritate u..but Alas the geographical distance..But for now lemme call u PONDS!

Soulmate said...

Some people never change.. :-)..