Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Names & Faces

Generally, if I meet someone, I do remember them. I am not so bad at re-calling people. Atleast I can recognise their faces. But I do have a habit of forgetting the names. I will distinctly remember the face but the name will be out of my mind. Try as hard I may, I shall never succeed. It often lands me in an embarrassing situation and I dont know where to look at that time.

The incident took place in my office. I had met a colleague when we had gone for the team building exercise to Manesar. As the purpose of team building is, employees from different teams were brought together. We were asked to chat with each other for 5 minutes and then introduce the person sitting next to us. Fine.. I also introduced the person sitting next to me after speaking to him for almost 5 minutes. Two days of Chopin(as we call it) got over and the whole group had a great time making new friends..

Few months pass by. Everyone is busy with their work and people hardly interact.. One day while passing through the corridor, a person said Hello to me and he remembered my name as well. I looked at him surprisingly and thought that I know this person. I smiled back and said Hello. Probably, by the confused look on my face, he must have gauged that I didnt recognise him.
Here is the conversation:

He: Hi.. How are you?
Me(confused) : Hi.. I am fine.
He(smiling): So you didnt recognise me?
Me(trying to remember): Ofcourse I recognised you.
He: Ok, tell me whats my name.
Me(Searching for his Access Card): Why are you asking me? I know and I remember your name as well. Your name is .... (his access card is inverted. Damn!!!)
He(Laughing): I am .... We met in Chopin...

and he went away..

At the end of the conversation, I didnt know where to look. He was the same person whom I had introduced in Chopin. I was able to recall his face but somehow his name didnt click. This has happened not once, but quite a number of times with me. Whats wrong!!!

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