Saturday, October 06, 2007

Go Dutch

The other day I had gone out for a cup of coffee with a friend. As usual when the time came to pay the bill, I took out my card and paid, even though the friend offered to pay. Infact it was difficult to convince my friend to let me pay...

That day I realised, whenever I go out, I prefer to pay. Even if I am with a friend or with my family, I would always be first one to offer to pay. Infact this has led to sometimes friction between me and the other person. I dont know what is it with me, I cannot let anyone else pay for me. If it is a party, then its fine. But if we are just a couple of friends of going, then I would want to pay. I simply cannot digest the fact that someone else pays for me.

This habit goes down to ever since I can remember. I still know that even when I was in school, I didnt go out with the friends, since I couldn't afford to pay. It could be due to the factor, that I dont want anyone to say later that he/she took me out and paid for me. I am sure nothing of that sort crops up between friends but still I cannot accept anyone else pay for me.

Similar situation arises when my brother comes home. We go out and always end up in an argument as to who shall pay. Both of us have this habit of paying whenever we are out. So we actually count as to who has paid more number of times and who can pay this time. It sometimes turns out be embarrassing situation but I cant get over this habit of mine. I am ready to go for a dutch. If everyone is paying for themselves, I am fine with it. But accepting from someone else is something hard to digest for me...

I feel that I should not be burden on anyone. So generally, I suggest that we should go dutch, whenever we go out. This way everyone will be paying for themselves and it wont be a sort of too much for anyone.. So my policy is GO Dutch.. It is the best!!!

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