Saturday, October 20, 2007


Diplomacy - One word that I have still not learnt. Born with a blunt tongue that I am, often lands me in trouble. I can never be diplomatic. I am someone who will call a Spade, Spade. If I dont like someone or something, it shows on my face. I dont know how to be sugar sweet in front of people, whom I dont like. What is in my heart,is on my face/mouth.

My Mother often tells me that I should learn to be diplomatic. I need to control my expressions. This is required to maintain relations. But try as hard I may, it never happens. My expressions automatically change. Even the tone of my voice changes. It becomes cold. Even a fool will guess what I am feeling.

What I really dont understand is, is it necessary to be diplomatic. Why cant we show our true feelings. Will it always land us in trouble. Am I not putting up a made up face by hiding my feelings. Is that correct? I agree it is necessary to maintain relations, but what purpose will it serve, if you are not interested. Still do I have to be diplomatic, when I know that I will not talk to the person on my own. Are we not deceiving ourselves, by not showing our true feelings. Why do we have to put up a face just to survive in the society?

I am not sure of the answer.


pilot-pooja said...

Well BIll GAtes once said:
Be good to nerds, you might end up working for one of them..

Not everybody might be as true as you dear!

Soulmate said...

Hmm... so are you trying to say that we have to be diplomatic even if we dont want to be or cant be!!!