Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Yahan ke Hum Sikander

Here we are.. Team India has won the Twenty20 world championship against Pakistan in the finals. The Men in Blue rocked the shores of South Africa. After the much discussed debacle of the Indian Cricket team in West Indies earlier this year, they have truly emerged as winners. I still remember how the Indian team was criticised on being poor show performers, underdogs, unprofessional.

The young team India has proved their mettle. They have shown to the whole world that nothing can pull them down. Yes, they can play and win even if the team does not have stalwarts like Tendulkar, Dravid, Ganguly.

It was a nail biting encounter as the two team fought for the much coveted title. As the ball of the last wicket Misbah-Ul-Haq went into the hands of Sreesanth, the trophy also went into the hands of India. With every ball, it was difficult to assess who would win. The match started off on a good note. India made 157/5 in the 20 overs. A decent score but this also required a good bowling, fielding against Pakistan since they had a line of batsmen with them.

Nazir from Pakistan started off with a blast. After a few overs, it seemed that the match is in Pakistan's hand. after Nazir was run-out, wickets started falling at regular intervals. It seemed that now India is in a comfortable position. Misbah hit 3 sixes in Harbhajan's over. That reduced the gap between the balls left and the runs required. Seemed like again the match is in Pakistan's court. The whole game was like a Tom and Jerry show. You never know who is going to win till the end. One moment, it seemed Pakistan, the other it seemed India.

The kind of enthusiasm that is shown towards Ind vs Pak match is more than one can think of. It is actually much more than a match. Its like a war. The roads are deserted, the offices are empty. People glued to the televisions. Similar was the scene in our cafeteria where all the associates had occupied every inch of space that one could manage.

With every wicket falling, there was a shout louder than the previous one. Then came the last crucial over. Pakistan needed 13 runs to win. Joginder Singh bowled. First ball was a wide ball. Its ok.. We can still manage. Hearts beating fast. Adrenalins pumping in. Hands turning cold with sweat. Nervousness. Prayers. Second ball was just played by the batsman.. Next ball, Misbah hit a huge six.. Oh no!!! The gap has come down to 6 runs from 4 balls. Anything can happen. With full hope, Joginder bowled. Misbah tried to play again and aimed for a six.. But.. but.. but... To everyone's happiness, it landed in Sreesanth's hands and the game was over. Pakistan were all out for 152 runs with 3 balls to spare...

Crackers burning, people celebrating. Dhoni being called as Miracle boy. He did what the Indians have been craving for, since the last 24 years. Keep up the spirit. Congrats to each and every Indian. Chak de India!!!


The Sober Poet said...

What a joke..India didn't win the match...It was Pak who lost it...

Soulmate said...

so the fact of the matter is, India won the match... somebody's loss is somebody's gain.. :-)