Monday, September 24, 2007

Sunday-Performance Issues

Very rarely do I have Monday morning blues and this is one of those Monday! Why does Monday ever comes.. I was thinking about this today. I arrived at the conclusion that Sunday is
actually the one who is a culprit. It deceives us and lets Monday sneak in.

What happens is, Sunday runs away in the night and Monday takes it over.. No matter how
much you guard the night, Sunday manages to deceive us and Monday comes over. Its not the
mistake of Monday, but Sunday who lets Monday in.

My friend proposed that next time when we do the appraisal of Sunday, we should keep this in mind. We will mention that Sunday does not stretches even when it is ever so needed. Lack of commitment, irresponsible. Very-very time bound Sunday is. We all do over-time when its needed but Sunday never does. This has to be taken up seriously. Not only me, but loads of other people have this problem. I think its a problem world-wide. The major issue is that Sunday arrives late and leaves on time.

We have decided to put Sunday on PIP which is Performance Improvement Plan and monitor whether Sunday lives up to our expectations or not.

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