Saturday, September 22, 2007

Single Parent

Being a single parent can be very tough. I can understand this since my Mother has single-handedly brought me and my brother up. She had to play the role of both a father as well as a mother. I am sure it was tough at times for her since we were quite young at that time. I didnt realise the ups and downs that she had faced during that time.

Today I happen to meet a friend of mine. A very nice human being. Recently he lost his wife. It was a big shock to everyone. He got married around 7 years back. Has a 5 year old daughter and a year old son. He has his whole life to lead and going by the situation as of now, seems like he wants to be alone. He has become tough. Today I got to see his softer side. We had gone out for a movie and his daughter had accompanied us.

I saw him taking care of his daughter, in so many ways. Her constant complaints about something or the other were so well attended to. He was her friend, father, mother. The love that was hidden inside him, was out. Somewhere I could feel his loneliness. He tries to find that comfort in smoke, drinks. He has somehow drifted from everyone

It was really heartening to see how much he loves his kids. He tries to balance his act as both the parents. He has to be a tough father at one time and a loving, caring mother at the other. He never makes them feel the absence of a mother. Spends a lot of time with them. Contrary to what generally men do, he takes them out, drives them to their classes, helps them with their homework.

This is my way of appreciating his act of love shown towards his kids.

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