Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Remembering You

I wake up and think of you,
only to realise that I never forgot you.
I sleep and realise
that you are in my dreams always.

I see your face in every face.
I search for your smile whenever I see a smile.
I remember your touch when I hold my own hand.
I look for the comfort that you gave me.

You are the shady tree
in a hot sunny dessert.
You are the warmth
on a cold, freezing night.

I wish its your call,
whenever my phone rings.
I hope your sms has arrived
whenever my mobile beeps.

I read the old messages
and remember our time.
I think of our conversations
and it makes me smile.

I think of you all the time.


Anonymous said...

lovely is such a nice feeling to be in love!

Achilles said...


... well, may be it is not love ... 'cause Love brings happiness ... n bliss ... it fills Our heart with all the calm n it brims with Joy ...
... may be ... something else ... may be it is longingness ... repentance ... or ... may be even ...

... what ever ... it has been nicely conveyed ...