Tuesday, August 28, 2007


The little tinkling of the drops.
The soiled smell of the earth.
The freshly bathed trees and leaves.
The small pearls on the petals..

The small puddle of water
with a paper boat sailing in it.
The kids enjoying in the splash
that comes while they jump.

The soft wetness of the grass
while I walk on it.
The fresh breath of air
that comes with every breath.

Smell of freshly brewed coffee
with a book to read.
Taste of hot pakoras
with the green chutney.

Gazing out of my window,
While I imagine this.
The rain drops begin to fall.
What a relief.


pilot-pooja said...

What a relief while rejevunating in the memories of the childhood..

When everything looked just so nice..
Be it enjoying the water in the tub, or taking a tractor ride!!

Dolls said...

you reminded me of that lovely song by Jagjit singh..'woh kagaz ki kishti, woh baarish ka paani'... hmm what a beautiful poem...micheivious sprinklings from heavens above on the sweet smelling earth. Plain joy!