Monday, August 27, 2007

Leaves and Excuses

Off late there have been quite a few leaves happening in the team. Today when I sat down to do the analysis of those leaves - had to do since the over resource utilization has dipped and also it has affected the deliverables..

Every month before we assign the work, planning is done as to how much capacity is available, how many leaves are planned/unplanned, trainings.. I always keep a buffer of almost 10% to meet any unexpected incident. But if in a month the team, comprising of 8 employees, takes 23 leaves out of which only 5 were planned, it raises an alarm. It has affected the team so much that work is delayed by almost a month, one of the reason being unexpected leaves...

I decided to do the analysis of this. I realised that whenever there was an absenteeism, it was on the pretext of not being well. Not that I am doubting anyone's integrity or intentions, but it does sounds strange. e.g. Tomorrow is Rakshabandhan. Our company does not gives a holiday for this festival. Everyone in the team wanted to take a holiday but since this was not possible, the other option was to come late to the office... Today morning I got a call from one of the team members, saying that she is not well and will not come to office today and tomorrow.

The call was made very intelligently by her Mother so that there is no question of suspicion.. I could easily make out why the call has been made.. She wanted a holiday for Rakhi but since that was not possible, she had put in a sick leave. I sat down to think, that do today's generation ever think about the commitment?? Whomsoever I have come across, wants to work according to their convenience. The irony is the person is down with such high viral on one day that he cannot even speak or get up from the bed. Next day they are perfectly fit and fine and running.

If we are working onsite, we dare not ask the client for a holiday even on Diwali, lest it would affect our performance. But since we are working off-shore, things are taken for granted and its easy to put in a sick leave whenever needed... God forbid, if they actually become so sick one day, that they are not able to get up for days together....

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