Tuesday, August 28, 2007


The little tinkling of the drops.
The soiled smell of the earth.
The freshly bathed trees and leaves.
The small pearls on the petals..

The small puddle of water
with a paper boat sailing in it.
The kids enjoying in the splash
that comes while they jump.

The soft wetness of the grass
while I walk on it.
The fresh breath of air
that comes with every breath.

Smell of freshly brewed coffee
with a book to read.
Taste of hot pakoras
with the green chutney.

Gazing out of my window,
While I imagine this.
The rain drops begin to fall.
What a relief.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Leaves and Excuses

Off late there have been quite a few leaves happening in the team. Today when I sat down to do the analysis of those leaves - had to do since the over resource utilization has dipped and also it has affected the deliverables..

Every month before we assign the work, planning is done as to how much capacity is available, how many leaves are planned/unplanned, trainings.. I always keep a buffer of almost 10% to meet any unexpected incident. But if in a month the team, comprising of 8 employees, takes 23 leaves out of which only 5 were planned, it raises an alarm. It has affected the team so much that work is delayed by almost a month, one of the reason being unexpected leaves...

I decided to do the analysis of this. I realised that whenever there was an absenteeism, it was on the pretext of not being well. Not that I am doubting anyone's integrity or intentions, but it does sounds strange. e.g. Tomorrow is Rakshabandhan. Our company does not gives a holiday for this festival. Everyone in the team wanted to take a holiday but since this was not possible, the other option was to come late to the office... Today morning I got a call from one of the team members, saying that she is not well and will not come to office today and tomorrow.

The call was made very intelligently by her Mother so that there is no question of suspicion.. I could easily make out why the call has been made.. She wanted a holiday for Rakhi but since that was not possible, she had put in a sick leave. I sat down to think, that do today's generation ever think about the commitment?? Whomsoever I have come across, wants to work according to their convenience. The irony is the person is down with such high viral on one day that he cannot even speak or get up from the bed. Next day they are perfectly fit and fine and running.

If we are working onsite, we dare not ask the client for a holiday even on Diwali, lest it would affect our performance. But since we are working off-shore, things are taken for granted and its easy to put in a sick leave whenever needed... God forbid, if they actually become so sick one day, that they are not able to get up for days together....

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Remembering You

I wake up and think of you,
only to realise that I never forgot you.
I sleep and realise
that you are in my dreams always.

I see your face in every face.
I search for your smile whenever I see a smile.
I remember your touch when I hold my own hand.
I look for the comfort that you gave me.

You are the shady tree
in a hot sunny dessert.
You are the warmth
on a cold, freezing night.

I wish its your call,
whenever my phone rings.
I hope your sms has arrived
whenever my mobile beeps.

I read the old messages
and remember our time.
I think of our conversations
and it makes me smile.

I think of you all the time.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Marriage is directly related to age.

Back from my trip to Dehra Dun.. Again the same question is revolving in my mind.. Marriage. Met a lot of people and many of them were surprised to see me. The reason being I have been out of touch with lots of them... Lots of people were under the impression that I must have got married by now.. Being close to 30 years, I am not so young anymore...

There were surprised glances when the fact that I am still single was revealed.. It was quite hard to digest this fact... Then comes all those guesses and curiosities as to why am I still single!!! Everyone has their own opinion. Far being away from empathetic or understanding, everyone wants to know the status just to gossip and 'know' about me.... Views are many.. Is the girl very choosy?? Is the girl not upto the mark? Does the girl has high expectations? Is it that the girl does not wants to marry? Is she going around with someone?

Everyone has their own opinion and the kind of questions that are put forward, make me realise that I dont have to answer them. Whatever has happened, I am aware of it. Why is the girl always put on stake? Why does the girl has to bear the brunt of not being married? Why the fault is always found in the girl? Many find it hard to believe that there are men who have high expectations.

Its not me who has rejected anyone. If the boys have high hopes and if they want someone like Aishwarya Rai, I cant help it. I am not like her and dont want to be and cant be.. I fail to understand that why everyone associates age with the marriage.. Agree that I am growing old but that does not mean I should be held responsible for not being married till now... I really dont understand why our society cant let the person live peacefully, if he or she is alone!!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Aunty... Oh No!!!

A few days back I went to meet my school friend who had recently got a baby. I was quite happy since I was meeting her after a year and I wanted to see her baby as well... She was staying with her elder sister's family....

The moment I reached their house, two pretty little girls came out to wish me: Good Evening, Aunty... I was not prepared for this... I was shocked for a moment and then I replied to them... I am not used to being addressed as Aunty.. Its a general term that we use to address any lady that comes to our house and is elder to us... By default, my friends kids call me Masi(Mother's sister)... Obviously, her baby has not started speaking so he would not have called me by any name....

Suddenly I realised that I have grown so big that now I am being addressed as Aunty... I am no longer that young to be addressed as Didi(Elder sister).... Well, it took me few minutes to digest being called as Aunty... Sometimes when I go to the park in my society, I play with the kids... Even they call me Aunty thinking that anyone who is with their mother, needs to be called like that.... A few kids who know me, call me Didi....

On the contrary, people in my office think that I am still at entry level... Many of the employees didnt know that I am a Project Leader and I have work experience with me.. So I am taking out the possibility that I have started to look old enough.. (Feel so happy to write this)... I guess it will take me sometime before I can get used to being a 'Aunty' to every small kid.... May be if I ever have kids, then I can digest it easily....

Friday, August 03, 2007

Tum Bin

At the moment this song conveys the right feelings that I have and my thinking..... I end up in tears whenever I hear this song...

tum bin kya hai jeena, kya hai jeena
tum bin kya hai jeena

tum bin jiya jaye kaise, kaise jiya jaye tum bin
sadiyon se lambi hai raatein,
sadiyon se lambe huye din
aa jao lautkar tum ye dil keh raha hai

phir shamein tanhayi jaagi,
phir yaad tum aa rahe ho,
phir jaan nikalne lagi hai,
phir mujhko tadpa rahe ho,
phir mujhko tadpa rahe ho..

is dil main yadon ke mele hai
tum bin bahut hum akele hai
aa jao lautkar tum ye dil keh raha hai

kya kya na socha tha maine,
kya kya na sapne sajaye,
kya kya na chaha tha dilne,
kya kya na armaan jagaye,
kya kya na armaan jagaye,

is dil se toofan guzarte hai
tum bin na jeete na marte hai
aa jao lautkar tum ye dil keh raha hai

OST - Tum Bin

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Home Sick

Off late, I am missing my hometown a lot... I have been to Dehra Dun only once in the last 5-1/2 years and that was also for only 3 days... My major part of the life is spent there... Therefore I have some wonderful memories attached to it. I have grown up there. Being educated there. Infact Dehra Dun gave me my first job when I was still studying. I made some of my best friends in that city... A place where I dont feel scared to go out alone at any time... A place where I would like to settle down sometime in my life....

My reason could be any... I have decided to go next weekend.. To combine it with a upcoming holiday of Independence Day makes it even more wonderful... I get full 5 days to spend there.. I shall meet my old friends, relatives, my previous boss, colleagues... My list has already started of what all I plan to do there... I know that its been raining for the past quite a few days in Doon so the weather would be at its best....

I pray that my trip turns out to be as good as I think it to be...