Monday, July 16, 2007

Without you...

We are not together,
Not sure whether we will be
Still I want to let you know
That you mean the same to me

I cant walk without you
I cant talk without you
I cant smile without you
I cant live without you

My love for you grows
The yearning grows day by day
The craving grows every moment

My heart knows no peace without you
My soul is restless without you
My days are dull without you
My nights are lonely without you

I dont know what rains are
when you are not here
I dont know what a song is
when you are not here
I dont know what happiness is
when you are not here

The smile eludes from my face
The heart is waiting for you
The soul is searching for you
Please come back,
for I cant live without you.

1 comment:

MuzikGirl said...

Did you write this for a specific person. . . That must hurt. . .