Friday, July 13, 2007

Respect for Time

As we grow more technical, the respect for time is losing. Everyday I see people who do not have time for anyone or do not have the respect for anyone's time. People seem to have excuses for not turning up on time.

Our organisation is generous enough to provide pick up and drop facility. There are a few employees who have to travel by bus and few travel by the cabs, depending on the team that you are aligned to. Both cabs and buses have a fixed time for reaching the respective points. While the bus does not wait for anyone to reach the pick up point, the employees do not have a choice but to reach there before time, else miss the bus and arrange a transport on their own... which is quite difficult in Gurgaon....

On the other hand, cabs wait for the employees outside their houses for as long as 20 minutes sometimes, although there are strict instructions to move the cab... The waiting habit has actually spoilt the employees to beyond means.. They think that the cab belongs to them and they can make it wait for as long as they want. It goes on from one employee to the other and eventually the cab reaches late to the office. Amongst all this, the actual sufferer is the employee who comes on time and has to wait in the scorching sun for dont know, how long... The story does not ends here.. Now when the employee asks the other people that why cant others be on time, they have an excuse. The 'punctual' employee need not wait for that long. He should not be on time. Also what difference does it make if he has to wait for sometime.

The other excuse is,they cant get up early and get ready by the pick up time. If others have so much of problem with their coming late, they can go ahead and move the cab.. They will come by bus... The drivers generally dont move the cab unless the employee comes, being generous enough to wait... All this treatment is generally taken by the employees as taken for granted... The respect for someone else' time is totally lost. And at the end, they have standard excuse: Its ok.. Chalta hai!!! This is not US...

I really dont know where the generation is headed to!!! Is punctuality no more important!


pilot-pooja said...

Thats really a very nice poem!
quite heart rending!
A plethora of true n wonderful emotions, so beautifully exhibited in ur lovely poem!

Soulmate said...

Thanks for the compliment. I guess this comment was meant for the other post.