Friday, June 29, 2007


Off late I have witnessed too many resignations in my organisation... Reasons vary from people to people... But the rate is quite alarming and it makes me wonder.... One of the few reasons that these youngsters(if I may call them) give, who are straight out of college, is the work is too much... They get tension when there are two tasks to be completed in a day.... They cannot work for more than 8 hours (which includes their fags, coffee,tea,lunch breaks)...

If there is any last minute work that is assigned, it gives them goose pimples... They are not ready to make that 'effort' of learning.... Everything should be given on a plate and then spoon fed... There is no research involved.. There is no initiative involved... If you set the expectation of completing a task in a day with a good amount of time dedicated to learning, even then there are excuses for not doing it.. They are not ready to stretch in case it is required... I feel that whole concept of hard work is missing... All the help is readily available to them.. They have Subject Matter Experts, mentors, buddies, reference documents available... Still these youngsters want to run away from it... The whole concept of taking the responsibility is missing. The right attitude towards the work is missing. The much needed respect towards the work is missing.

With this kind of attitude I am really not sure what does future has in store for them.. The ultimate decision is to quit and find another job... What is the guarantee that the new job will not be demanding and the employer will be a relaxed one.... Is quitting the right solution?? Are they not running away from work?? Is it wrong to expect the deadlines to be met.. Is it wrong to expect the hard work, effort required to learn about the job... Where is that initiative gone to become independent and prove their capability... Am I expecting too much???

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