Monday, June 25, 2007

Filler words

Often I have seen that while talking, giving presentations, advising people have the tendency to use certain words.. Normally I would call these words as 'fillers'.. The moment someone runs out of words while communicating, these words come quite handy to most of the people.... Sometimes it gets very irritating when people use these words more than what is required... I will not say that I am perfect in communication but yes, I try to make a conscious effort not to use them as far as possible...

I have also observed that the 'fillers' are used when someone is not too confident or is not well prepared or is not sure of what he or she is saying.... These words are used only during verbal communication.. I have not come across anyone using these words in written communication.... I guess while we are speaking, there are lots of thoughts going on in our mind.. At that time, our mind runs faster than our tongue and in order to catch up with all the thoughts, we forget some and remember some.. But we eat some as well in between and thats where we use 'fillers'....

Commonly used 'fillers' that I have observed are:

You know
I feel
I think

not to forget the umm... hmm... aah

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