Monday, May 21, 2007

The heat is on

The world has only eight years of resources left as per a latest survey by a leading newspaper. Sounds shocking!!! It does... This is a bitter truth.. The global warming has started taking its toll on human life. The glaciers are receding. The water in the sea is rising. There are chances of flood and then draught..

We need to check on the carbon emissions that are fuelling global warming. The recent incidents of Mumbai floods and Tsunami are the examples that one can think of... The situation can be even worse than them. People living closer to the coastlines need to fear more. With the rising level of sea, we are losing land on a continuous basis.

The disaster scenario will be something like this: As the global temperature rises, glaciers will melt faster and receive less snowfall. Snowfall in the upper reaches of the glacier adds weight on the top and the pace of melt at its mouth creates a delicate balance, keeping the ice mass in place. When this balance is upset, the glacier either recedes or comes forward dramatically or simply bursts. Either way, its a calamity.

In the beginning, the water level in the rivers will rise and will cause floods. But after few years, the water will recede as the glaciers would have melted significantly by then and then several rivers will reduce to a mere trickle. This will have a direct impact on agriculture. In one way, fertile soil will be lost due to floods and then there will be no water for irrigation. A direct impact on our food security.

There are other impacts of global warming. Skin diseases, rising prices, shortage of resources, not to forget about the rising crime. There is no security of life left either for us or for our coming generation. Does a common man thinks about it????

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