Monday, May 28, 2007


Destiny: Hard to describe and accept but easy to preach about. Yesterday I read an article on Destiny and its affects. It was mentioned that its our karmas which mostly decide our destiny. So if its written in your destiny that you will meet with a major accident, you can revert the affect by doing some good karma... The accident that is bound to happen, will happen but it will be a minor one and the affect will not be the same what it was supposed to be...

My question is, in any case the person had to suffer the repercussions of it.... Looking at my fate, I always feel: why me?? And I dont find anything wrong in asking that question. I have not met with an accident but whatever has happened, I ask if there can be something worse than that... For me, this is the worse and it has taken away my mental peace, my smile, my way of looking at life, my yearn to live, my desires, my faith, my trust, my love for everything.....

If a person is losing out in every phase of life, what do you expect him to do?? Can a person just think that its all because of destiny.. I am not saying that nobody has done anything wrong in this world.. We all are humans and we do make mistakes.... We do realise them and make amendments to them.. At the same time, I also believe that everyone does some good deeds in his/her life... Does it mean that the effects of mistakes over-weigh the effects of good deeds in such a way, that ultimately you lose.... I fail to understand most of the times what game the destiny plays..

You dont get anything in life, unless you work towards it... But then you are also made to believe that do your karma but dont expect anything in return.... Hello!!! I am not God.. I am a human being.... If I leave something on destiny, I will never get it.. If I work towards it and still dont get it, then what do I do?? Is it the destiny or my karma???? Do I need to fight against my own karma or my destiny or myself???

Again I fail to understand what makes people get, what they want!!!

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