Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Walk of life

For quite sometime, people have advised me to do exercise or yoga or meditation or just a simple walk. With the busy life that I lead, I used to find it a little difficult to do any of these. I had my own reasons to not-to-do exercise. Off late I have realised that my energy level has gone down considerably. I dont have the stamina that I used to possess sometime back. I get tired, irritated, fall sick very frequently.

I agree that I dont need to exercise to maintain the weight per se. But yes, there is a need to exercise from the physical fitness point of view. I remember my days before I started working. I used to walk almost 6-7 kms a day.. Going to the college, computer classes and then coaching classes. I used to walk the whole day and even then I was not so tired as I feel these days. Working in A/C offices in closed environments, sitting on the chair all the day, typing on the keyboard while you gaze at the computer screen, drinking tea/coffee the whole day takes away all the energy from our body.

The kind of lives that we lead these days makes it even more essential that we do some sort of exercise every day for atleast 30 mins. When I saw one of photograph which was clicked 6 years back, I was shocked. I have changed so much. The radiance has gone. I look starved now. I need to get the radiance, happiness back on my face. I have started to walk and I must say that even though I find it difficult to get up early in the morning, I feel fresh after the walk. It makes me calm, at peace, at ease. It helps me to mellow down. I just need to make it a habit to get up early in the morning and then I believe everything should go fine. I am ready to do this to get back my energy levels.

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