Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Torn Apart

I am living in two different places at this time. One is physically and one is mentally. My heart is somewhere else than my body... All the time I keep thinking. I want to be where my heart is but its difficult. I want to be with the person whom I have always shared the most comfortable relationship... After every meet, I feel that I am more connected with him. I want to meet again....

I have spent sleepless nights over the same. Last time when I met him, I thought that everything is over. But no, everything is not over. The moments spent have become the most cherished moments of my life. I love to think about them. I yearn to re-live those moments. I want to be with him again and again and again..... I keep going back to him even when there are no assurances.... There is a special bond that we share, a feeling that we feel, connectivity, comfort level, trust, liking that we have for each other.

I more I meet, the more I love. The more I want his presence.. These thoughts actually pull me apart... I am so uncertain about the future but still I want to go ahead with it... The world lives on hope and thats what I am also doing!!!

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