Thursday, March 15, 2007

Stand Still

Since a few days I feel like I am stuck. I am not able to move on. I try, I hope but something holds me back. I have tried to put in whatever requires to keep me moving but still I am not. It seems like its an end of the road, journey, life for me. I am not able to see anything good that life has to offer me. I am not able to connect with anything. Am I being pessimistic? Well, people who know me, say that I am an ever smiling person. Somewhere down that smile, lies a sad state of affairs which probably I dont share. It is quite true to some extent.. I generally dont share my feelings with anyone or everyone. I keep them to myself and think about them.

As I am also a human, these feelings do come out at some point of time. Right now, I am stuck and I admit it.. I dont see any ray of light, hope, good wish on my way ahead. I dont even want to step ahead. The more I step forward, life moves me backward.

I am in constant search of that one ray of hope, joy, light which will motivate me to live, love, move ahead. My eyes, soul, heart are wandering and I look for peace.. I need a break and I want atleast one good thing to happen which will bring back my belief in life.


Anonymous said...

try to learn to find a internal ray of hope as that will free u from searching external source of joy

Insanity Rulz said...

Nice post.

Anonymous said...

hey i was just going through some random profiles on orkut and came thru u's. so just checked u blog. and let me tell u u thoughts are great and very realistic ...many of u writings reflect a lot to my thought also..u really write too well...keep doing so madam

sakshi said...

Balance is what life is all about..
So its only natural that after pace and movement comes a phase of stand still..
But life is also about a constant journey in search of a greater destination, may be you are just not looking in the right direction..sooner or later the wheel will be up and moving :)

Soulmate said...

Well, currently my life is at a stand still. It has been like this since a long time. I myself want to get moving but it doesnt seem to happen. Destiny!!!

Anonymous said...

no if u want to move u life it will move, just look and answer u self honestly if u tried u best